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Safaricom Internet Booster Access Road, Homa Bay, Kenya

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Project Information

Safaricom Access Road, Homa Bay; despite the challenges that we faced with the remoteness of the site, the wet environment and the muddy landscape we were able in record time to construct this road that was to give Safaricom engineers and personnel access to the booster tower,
  • Client:Safaricom
  • Location:Magunga, Homa Bay, Kenya
  • Length:600 meters
  • Year Completed:2016

Safaricom Access Road, Homa Bay

Safaricom Access Road, Homa Bay

Safaricom Access Road, Homa Bay; having been contracted to construct an access road in Homa Bay to enable workers of Safaricom access their booster station, Jongonga Contractors proceeded to build this road which run for almost one kilometer. At completion Safaricom now had easy access to their facility.

Project Challenge – Safaricom Access Road, Homa Bay

  • The weather was a major challenge since the site was muddy due to the long rains.
  • Jongonga Contractors had to use locals to ferry goods to the site.
  • Accommodation and access to hotels which were far away posed challenges with the workers.
  • The absence of skilled workers near the site.
  • Storage for our equipment was lacking hence the need to ferry them some distance.
  • Security personnel had to be gotten from outside the county.

What We Did – Safaricom Access Road, Homa Bay

Among the work done was site preparation including clearing the land, excavation, disposal of excavated materials, preparing the land and digging trenches for culverts; ferrying in hardcore, chips and bitumen for the final work on the road.

Result – Safaricom Access Road, Homa Bay

At completion Safaricom personnel had all-year-road access to their facility; this enabled them to get equipment to their base station throughout the seasons.