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Remodeling kitchen nairobi kenyai.

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Remodeling kitchen nairobi kenya

you can completely personalize your space. New home construction is not only our livelihood but our passion; we are as excited to build homes
  • Client: Mr. JohonConstruction Company
  • Location:Kileleshwa, Nairobi
  • Surface Area:500,000 m2
  • Year Completed:2020
  • Value:$550.000
  • Architect:Harri & Gary

Remodeling kitchen nairobi kenya.

luxury kitchen in kileleshwa nairobi the kitchen appliances like wall tiles, cabinets, and both law level and high-level granite work pot kitchen sink. By installing wall, tiles up to 2.5 in the kitchen will keep your kitchen always clean and neat we install only nonflammable materials during the kitchen construction or remodeling also indicated the fire point and firefighting accessories like fire extinguisher ready on site.

We understand that building your new home goes beyond choosing a community and floor plan. Your home is a reflection of you, your family and your lifestyle. That is why we offer extraordinary levels of customization. With Jongonga contractors, you can completely personalize your space. New home construction is not only our livelihood but our passion; we are as excited to build your new home as you are.

We also supply and install Stainless steel range hoods are resistant to water damage and will not rust or corrode, which is especially important given a vent hood’s key purpose of removing steam, grease, and other potentially damaging substances from your home.

When remodeling the kitchen or replacing appliances it may make sense to include features to accommodate all household members and all activities. For example, different height counters are convenient for cooks of different heights. Everyone, including people with reaching, stooping, kneeling, and/or lifting limitations, appreciates comfortably accessed storage. The opportunity to sit while performing tasks is important to those who cannot stand more than a few minutes.

Jongonga contractors we make sure that basin is easier for people with limited reach, shorter people, and seated individuals to use Remodeling of the existing housing stock plays a key role in providing our Nation with decent and affordable housing. Often, when a house or apartment is renovated, it can also be made more accessible for people with disabilities. Given growing awareness of the needs of people with disabilities, and the aging of the baby boom generation, it makes good sense to ensure that, through “Universal Design”, more housing addresses the needs of all.

Jongonga Contractors our goal is to exceed your expectations by providing the using quality in materials and quality, by conducting all dealings with openness and honesty, and by building your dream home of enduring beauty and lasting value. We take pride in our luxury homes built with the highest standards specially fit to meet our clients’ needs. Our team we also offer building strives to capture a unique touch, while remaining faithful to the distinguished aura which many builders have abandoned. Our homes will be the foundation of your family’s memories for years to come and an investment you can count on in the future. Jongonga Contractors.

Project Challenge

  • It was not easy to remove wall tiles for some neighborhood.
  • Too much traffic while delivering the building materials on site.

What We Did

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