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Project Information

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  • Client:Construction Company
  • Location:N'goina road Keericho twon kenya.
  • Surface Area:3,200 m2
  • Year Completed:2018
  • Value:Ksh 9,300,500
  • Architect:Luxury Homes kenya.

Kericho home construction.

We understand that building your new home goes beyond choosing a community and floor plan. Your home is a reflection of you, your family and your lifestyle. That is why we offer extraordinary levels of customization. With Jongonga Contractors, you can completely personalize your space. New home remodeling and general construction is not only our livelihood but also our passion; we are as excited to build your new home as you are. Below are some pictures of work that has been undertaken by us over the last few months contact us

Jongonga Contractors we are happy to take your orders at any time and are prompt on service delivery Our prices on most of the locally & international available building material are also competitive helping you to complete your project within your budget.

Rehabilitation and Remodeling of the existing housing stock plays a key role in providing our clients with decent and affordable renovation services. Often, when a house or apartment is renovated, it can also be made more accessible for people with disabilities. Jongonga Contractors has several years of experience in housing development, concrete works, gravity sewers, earthworks, major plumbing, Renovations, Roofing and Painting/Coating. Given growing awareness of the needs of people with disabilities, and the aging of the “baby boom” generation, it makes good

Sense to ensure that, through more housing addresses the needs of both young and old people


Due to its remarkable resistance, porcelain is a great choice of ceramic material for flooring in areas with a high level of pedestrian traffic, such as shopping centers, offices, Factories, public buildings. It also has great potential for use in indoor and outdoor areas in residential spaces.

Its resistance to temperature changes and aesthetic qualities make it highly suitable for covering buildings as part of a ventilated or bonded facade.

Jongonga Contractors has a wide variety of designs and formats in its porcelain tile collections, with non-slip versions for use as outdoor flooring.

Jongonga Contractors is a premier Building Construction firm. Apart from construction, we also offers Painting and Coating, Tiles works. You can contact us for civil works though one of those contacts Jongonga Contractors. Jongonga contractors we do supply and fixed both

Project Challenge

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What We Did

  1. Mazeras stones.
  2. Ceramic Tiles size 30X30, 20×30, 30×60 & 40×40 both floor and wall tiles.
  3. Granito Tiles size 60×60 and 40×40

the cost are per square meter also includes needed materials remember Jongonga Contractors we are fully committed to providing services of the highest quality at all times to our clients by ensuring that the company offers value for money, adds values to our clients countywide.

Jongonga Contractors we are suppliers of flooring and roofing materials as well as contractors for the construction of roofs and floors using various construction and building materials from wood, ceramic tiles, fabrications, iron sheets, wooden frames, PVC for ceilings and floors. Our experts provide free advice for those who want quotations on the best way to proceed with their roofing or flooring construction and renovations. We have trained and qualified workmanship roofing and flooring professionals who are ever ready to give our customers thorough information while offering their skills and expertise.



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