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Installation Water Tank Kenya.

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Water Tank Installation

Work was done in Nairobi Kenya in Water Tank Installation in various suburbs of the city of Nairobi. Since continuous water flow
  • Water Tank Installation in Kenya, AfricaWork was done in Nairobi Kenya in Water Tank Installation in various suburbs of the city of Nairobi.
  • Location:Most of the Nairobi Suburbs including Karen, Langata, Utawala, Buruburu
  • Surface Area:N/A
  • Year Completed:Continuous
  • Value:Ksh 150,000 - 3,500,000
  • Architect:N/A.

Installation Water Tank Kenya.

Installation Water Tank Kenya.

Water Tank Installation in Kenya; Concrete tanks are extremely durable and we do plaster also proper waterproofing added for strength and are poured into a seamless mould to prevent leaks. We @Jongonga Contractors we change per square meter we do construct from 10,000 litters up to 200,000 litters we offer warranties of between 15-20 years a good quality concrete tank can last several decades. We also repair and restore old water In addition, water tanks can be used in a rural environment where there is normally space to install large storage volumes as well as in town where the large surface area of roofs is an excellent method of recovering water.

Checking and calculating the form works area, quality and size.
Inspect the reinforcement bars and calculating the steel area for the reinforcement bars as per structural engineer.
Checking the columns, beams, slabs and shears walls if they are setup with the correct dimensions as in
the drawing plans.
Calculating and checking the elevations by the use of the total station.
Reading and analyzing structure project drawing plans as per Architect satisfaction.

Installation Water Tank Kenya-Jongonga Contractors

Water Tank Installation in Kenya; Jongonga Contractors is considered to be the construction company of choice in the world of competitive contracting plumbers dealing in Water Tank Installation in Kenya. We are a leader in the safe and competitive construction of housing and general building projects stretching from residential, commercial, warehouses, hotels and new residential construction, to renovations and refurbishments. Our company policy encourages shared performance responsibility ensures the highest degree of professional services and results on all projects undertaken.

Water Tank Installation in Kenya; The construction industry is currently the fastest growing industry in Kenya. In recognition of this fact, the objective of this company is to provide quality plumbing products and Water Tank Installation services and to continually improve on customer service at competitive prices to best meet their needs. We have embraced the latest technologies in buildings remodeling and construction services, working with quality materials and meeting logistical challenges to ensure that our clients receive the right service at the right time. Our management and technical staff are dedicated to steer this company towards achieving these goals.

Water Tank Installation in Kenya – Project Challenge

  • The working space at Langata plots for the excavator machine to enter
  • High cost of the steel bars.

The Work We Did in Water Tank Installation in Kenya

Jongonga contractors we supply and installation for PVC water tank from 2,300 Litters up to 10,0000 The installation material includes PPR pipes, Pedrollo water pump /automatic pressure control switch for water pump and other plumbing accessories. here are some we projects deliver water tanks

Chania gardens in Thika town. 2 Buru Buru estate ph1, ph3,ph5 and ph2 recently  Juja. Utawala Sirumba hub Bar and restaurant. Lavington Mall Auto Express ngong Rd Branch Galleria mall we also in county_no_47 this includes Buru buru,Komrok, South B, Nairobi West, South c,Ngong, Langata, Karen,Donhom,Runda and many more we intend to remodeling old houses to luxury homes by using new design and technology plus #Durable materials and qualified workmansh supply and install water system countrywide

The Result – Water Tank Installation in Kenya

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Installation Water Tank Kenya.

Work was done in Nairobi Kenya in Water Tank Installation in various suburbs of the city of Nairobi. Since continuous water flow is a myth in the city of Nairobi Kenya most residents call us for the installation of water tanks most of which are PVC ranging from 5,000 liters to 30,000 liters.